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Why Did I Write This

I created something that has helped me out exponentially clearing my head and using my brain to think. I was observing all the real that I love and look up to; I created a book to

1) Pay my respects to the people I love

2) Embrace how amazing these people are.

“The Good Shit Sticks.” – Harry Crews


To bring Good Vibes Only and bring some Love into this world.

Much Love

Cj Lewis

Diving In Deeper

This book is so real and actually makes you think. Everything is backed by science and gives you the reasons behind why we do something. That was what I was searching for. I knew I had feelings but I needed words to explain those (overthinking).

This book makes me feel so good because it has my favorite people talking to me every day when I open it. The most beautiful part is their actions speak louder than their words. They are actually doing it and that is something to look up to.

Taking Action!!!

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