Gaining 15lbs In A Month Cj Lewis’s Experience

Where To Start

I wrote about gaining/losing 15lbs in a month so I had to show it and write about my experience. On Instagram stories, I put I was going to try and gain 160lbs from 143.5 in one month. This was a great goal that was achievable and would let me surpass all the difficulties or challenges of gaining this weight.

While I was doing the challenge I was still using the sauna and working out once a week while on the slow carb / intermediate fasting diet.

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Know when to quit

Knowing when to quit is huge and beneficial to having a freesh mind. As I was gaining the weight I was noticing a shift in my mental state with the added mass on me and since I was shortening my fasting cycle, I was observing mental fatigue. I would lose focus on tasks more easily, I would have less energy and felt the urge to go lay down, and I was less creative. Around gaining the 14lb mark the symptoms really kicked in and I was becoming lazy, unmotivated, and I’m not sure if it was all in my head or if gaining this weight or if it had an actual effect on me. I’m just stating my experience with it.

I have come to the conclusion to “Remain Hungry”. What I mean by this is our bodies are pretty simple and they will tell us what they need if we just listen. I know all the bad food is addicting with the sugar and all but that kills the voice inside of us (at least for me). If we feed our body effective fuel it will be so productive and actually achieve amazing feats. I know at least for me on Saturday (Tim Ferriss calls Faturday) I destroy my inner voice and I see the effects first hand. For me, intermediate fasting has changed my life and mental state for the better, I’m no longer eating just to eat and I can use that freed up time to live life.

I fell 1.5 lb short because I knew when to quit. I was listening to my body and it was not feeling right. I did make the 15lbs but 3 days before the month was over I went back to my normal fasting period and eating portions.

I just want to say we don’t need as much as we think, the best route is to just keep it simple but also effective. We have a lot of good information out there on effective food (it’s just cutting through all the noise to get to the good information), and we should implement that so we can be better at life and keep our inner voice singing.

Much Love

Cj Lewis

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