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My review

Split is an amazing movie I think. The movie really hits home in the possibilities of what the human mind/body can do. I really like this movie because it makes you think and gives you an extreme example of possibilities. Over and over I am seeing cases such as Wim Hof showing extremes or David Blaine, and this just shows we are far more capable than we think and there is so much more to explore.

James McAvoy does an amazing job of acting in this movie and I’m not just saying that cause I look similar haha. M. Night Shyamalan also did a great job of directing and putting the right people together to make this film. I love the style he uses to film the movie. But anyways, hands down this movie is a rewatch for me and on my watch list.


Go check this Beast!!!

Summary from Wikipedia

Link – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Split_(2016_American_film)

Split is a 2016 American psychological horrorthriller film written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan[3] and starring James McAvoyAnya Taylor-Joy, and Betty Buckley. The film follows a man with 23 different personalities who kidnaps and imprisons three teenage girls in an isolated underground facility.

Principal photography began on November 11, 2015, in PhiladelphiaPennsylvania. The film premiered at Fantastic Fest on September 26, 2016, and was released in the United States on January 20, 2017, by Universal Pictures. The film received generally positive reviews, with some critics labeling it a welcome return for Shyamalan, although some criticized the film for its perceived stigmatization of mental illness. The film grossed $278 million worldwide on a budget of $9 million.

The film is a standalone sequel to the 2000 movie Unbreakable, which was also written, produced, and directed by Shyamalan, and is the second part of the so-called Eastrail 177 trilogy. The film was not marketed as a sequel, and the connections with Unbreakable are not revealed until the final scene of the film, in which Bruce Willis reprises his role as David Dunn. The final part of the trilogy, titled Glass will be released in 2019, and will combine the casts of both previous films.


Casey Cooke is an emotionally withdrawn teenager, having been molested as a young child by her uncle John, who became her legal guardian after her father’s death. While hanging out with her classmates Claire and Marcia, the three are kidnapped by Kevin Wendell Crumb, a man suffering from dissociative identity disorder. Kevin has been evaluated by psychiatrist Dr. Karen Fletcher, who discovered he formed multiple personalities as a means to cope with abuse from his obsessive-compulsivemother. While Kevin appears otherwise stable, Dr. Fletcher has identified 23 distinct personalities within Kevin; in his mind, these personalities sit in chairs in a room, waiting for their turn “in the light” (controlling Kevin’s body) as directed by “Barry”, the dominant personality. She has also found that Kevin’s physiology changes when a new personality comes into the light. Recently, “Barry” has refused to allow “Dennis” or “Patricia” their turns, in part due to Dennis’ voyeuristic tendencies and obsessive–compulsive disorder, and that both appear to worship “The Beast”, a yet-unseen 24th personality. Regardless of which personality is controlling Kevin, Dr. Fletcher can call forth Kevin’s own personality by speaking his full name to him.

Kevin takes the teenagers to his underground quarters, and secures them in a cell. They recognize his personality disorder, and Claire attempts to use this against Kevin to escape, but is caught by “Dennis” and segregated from the others. Over several days, Kevin leaves them locked up while he goes off to work and attends appointments with Dr. Fletcher. During these meetings, Dr. Fletcher recognizes that “Dennis” has seemingly taken over the dominant personality from “Barry”, though he tries to act as “Barry” to fool her. She recalls an incident “Barry” told her about a month before, where two teenaged girls had walked up to him, taken his hands and placed them on their breasts, which may have triggered “Dennis” to take over. Dr. Fletcher suspects Kevin, as “Dennis”, is responsible for the three missing teenagers.

During this time, Casey befriends “Hedwig”, one of Kevin’s personalities of a young boy; it is later revealed that “Hedwig” has complete control over “the light”, and provided “Dennis” and “Patricia” with control. She gets “Hedwig” to let her out of her cell to see his bedroom, believing there may be a means of escape through Hedwig’s window but finds it is only a drawing of one. She is able to convince “Hedwig” to give her a walkie-talkie. She uses it to call for help, but the person at the other end of the walkie doesn’t believe her, thinking someone is playing a joke. Before she can convince the person that she is serious, “Patricia” takes over Kevin’s body, and subdues Casey.

“Dennis” invites Dr. Fletcher to his home, where he reveals that “The Beast” is real, and that he has met him. Suspecting “Dennis”, Dr. Fletcher finds Claire in her cell. Before she can do anything, “Dennis” catches her, sprays her face with a sedative in an aerosol can, and secures her in a separate room. He then leaves. While out, “The Beast” personality takes over for the first time, giving Kevin super-human abilities. Dr. Fletcher regains consciousness long enough to write out Kevin’s full name on a piece of paper before “The Beast” returns and kills her. “The Beast” then attacks and kills Claire and Marcia, and starts to eat them.

Casey comes to and finds Dr. Fletcher’s body and her note. “The Beast” approaches her, but she calls out Kevin’s full name, bringing him forth. Upon learning of the situation and realizing that he hasn’t been in control of his body for two years, Kevin instructs Casey to kill him with his shotgun. Following this statement, all 24 personalities begin warring for control of “the light”, but shortly thereafter “The Beast” personality takes hold again. Casey escapes out of his quarters into an underground tunnel and shoots him twice, but the shells have little effect. She locks herself in a small caged area. “The Beast” finds her and is about to pull the bars open to attack her, but sees faded scars across her body, a sign of her past emotional turmoil and suicide attempts. Having previously declared his plans to rid the world of the “untouched”, those whose hearts are impure because they have never suffered in their lives, he considers Casey to be “pure” and spares her, disappearing from the tunnels.

Sometime later, Casey is rescued and learns she was being held at the Philadelphia Zoo, where Kevin had been an employee. Casey is asked by a police officer if she is ready to return home with her uncle. She hesitates to answer. In another hideout, “Dennis”, “Patricia”, and “Hedwig” exert collective control over Kevin’s body and admire the power of “The Beast” and their plans to change the world.

In a diner, several patrons watch the news as a reporter states that Kevin’s personalities have earned him the nickname “The Horde”. A female patron notes the similarity between Kevin and a wheelchair-bound criminal who was incarcerated fifteen years earlier. As she tries to remember the nickname he was given, a man sitting next to her, David Dunn, tells her that it was “Mr. Glass”.


Shyamalan conceived the idea for Split years before he actually wrote the screenplay. He explained, “In this case I had written the character a while ago, and I had written out a few scenes of it, so I even had dialogue written out, which is really unusual for me. It sat there for a long time, and I really don’t have a clear reason why I didn’t pull the trigger earlier. But this felt like the perfect time to do it, with the type of movies I’m doing now, and the type of tones I am interested in – humor and suspense.”[4]

On October 2, 2015, James McAvoy was cast in the film to play the lead, replacing Joaquin Phoenix.[5] On October 12, 2015, Anya Taylor-JoyBetty BuckleyJessica Sula, and Haley Lu Richardson were added to the cast.[6] On October 27, 2015, Universal Pictures came on board to release the film and titled it as Split.[7]

The character of Kevin had been in one of the early drafts of Shyamalan’s Unbreakable, but he had pulled the character out, stating there were balancing issues at that time. With Split, he brought in some of the scenes he had written for Unbreakable around Kevin.[8] The film ends with the appearance of Bruce Willis‘s character, David Dunn, from Unbreakable, who makes a comment in reference to the previous film, placing Unbreakable and Split within the same narrative universe. Shyamalan requested permission to incorporate the character from Walt Disney Studios, which had produced Unbreakable.[9] Shyamalan met with Sean Bailey about the use of the character; they came to a gentlemen’s agreement where Bailey agreed to allow the use of the character in the film without a fee and Shyamalan promised that Disney would be involved in a sequel, if developed.[9] Shyamalan was very secretive of Willis’ involvement in Split, removing the final scene from the film for test audiences.[8][8]

Principal photography on the film began on November 11, 2015, in PhiladelphiaPennsylvania.[10][11] Reshoots occurred in June 2016.[12] During post-production, Sterling K. Brown‘s role as Shaw, Dr. Fletcher’s neighbor, was cut from the film, as Shyamalan felt that his scenes were ultimately unnecessary.[13] McAvoy broke his hand in a scene where he was supposed to punch a metal door, but missed the soft section of the door he intended to hit.[14

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