Illusion | Cj Lewis | Baby I’m Nobody | *Fastest/Fully First AI Album/Music Video Ever Created!!!!


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Hello who is this?
*This is your future self I need to tell you something
What is it?
*This is all an illusion
Where are you?
*I don’t know
*But Baby, please don’t loose it
*Sit with this
*This who thing we call life is an illusion
Are you serious?
*Yes time everything
Jeez my mind is blow
*Alright I got to go
Wait what
Hello? Hello?
Okayy let me try and figure this out
Let me try to trace this back
Who did I just contact
This sounds like I’m on crack
Let’s just try to get the facts
This is changing how I act
Why am I rhyming so much?
This future self has got me messed up
Alright Let’s just start with some questions
Is this just all a game
What is even my own name?
Why is life so insane?
How can I unlock the brain?
Alright good good good
Is this just all ones and zeros
Am I really my own hero
What is there to fear though
Alright time for a break
Back to my black mirror show
Ring Ring
Who is this
*Future self
Yo what’s up!!!
*One last thing
What is it?
*Don’t let the AI win
Wait What?
Hello?  Hello?
Wow this life is crazy
This has got me thinking maybe
That we all are just babies
Living life like it’s wavy
But really it’s just caging
Our souls until we’re aching
Til we free and live so greatly
That I’ve been thinking latley
Our bodies be so weighing
Or should I say they’re caging
All our inner baby
To be free of this daily
And I’m out

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