The Beast | Cj Lewis | Baby I’m Nobody | *Fastest/Fully First AI Album/Music Video Ever Created!!!

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Alright guys what just happened?
What did we unleash
Are you serious?
Where is it at what we gonna do
Is it coming do we have to move
It’s on the move!
Damn which way are we gonna choose
We got to go northeast
What just happened
What did we unleash
Oh my there’s the beast
It be coming and we can’t stop
Don’t look behind and don’t drop
I be running in my flip flops
Were is Austin’s judo chop
Look up just run up top
We got to lose it
Make it cris cross
I don’t know make it get lost
Can we fry it out someone try and get the applesauce
Alright I think we lost it
Let me take a breather
Imma take a look over
Take a little peek a boo
See where he is at
I’m looking
Don’t see anything
Oh my, there it is!!!
Just Keep moving up top
There is no chill cause it won’t stop
is any weapons Besides these rocks
Might as well hit it with a knock knock
How are we gonna get it to stop
It’s too late and we have to fight
It will follow us left or right
After us day n night
Alright Now we just wait to it comes up
And I will hit him with a little something
You got the applesauce right
Alright give me it
Here is comes
Hasta la vista baby
Judo Chop
Damn that actually got it
Alright we good, let’s go
Live our life
Go outside
Play in the nature


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