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What goes around comes around
Feel the waves, feel the sound
The good vibes I talk about
I’m understood when I
i Do good I feel good
Can’t stop it yeah I’m gone
I know that I’m on one
And the story just begun
I be going good to great
Spreading the world with giving make no mistake
Seeing clean and clear now that I’m awake
Here that catch up, no stop no let up
These are my instructions through the letta
Think of something, take action, then go getta
being on top of my game and just being betta
Making it to the end through and through
They won’t even get it if my face is blue
Catching G.V.O like I’m catching the flu
the movement gone getcha
it gone do what it do
Verse 2
They say when you do good you feel good
and when you do bad you feel bad
Better yet I do great I feel great
I be passing around what is on my plate
Whatever I’m earning I’m giving back
Changing plans on the way I attack
Making sure everyone of my efforts are effective
new way of looking new perspective
seeing great benefits with altruism
new age new way new system
using my brain got my new system
catching greatness has become my symptom

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