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You know I’m getting what I want to
I can See the other side I’m see through
I’m just making others copy that’s a me too
Please settle down and go watch the tea brew
My Circles getting smaller I can feel the tension
I be Saving every bit piece of my attention
Breaking rules and I’ve always been an exception
Living my best is my obsession
This be turning into a lesson?
Clearing out debris and making my own route
I’ve never been the one to go with the crowd
So much going on I’m staying to my ground
Feeling elevated chillin in my own cloud
My vision looking out so clearly
So strong my wants are near me
Choosing noise focused on my hearing
feel myself feel the energy
got to refresh sometimes just to clear me
got to refresh sometimes just to clear me
got to refresh sometimes just to clear me
You know I can see so clearly
Verse 2
Open up to a whole new world
I see see the truth like it’s being uncurled
Now I see it, I really got to be it
Just Making progress You know I got to beat it
I know that place where everything is clear 
Hold on tight, grab the wheel I steer
I’ve got a plan but who knows
This feels like it is all a game bingo
Create my own language got my lingo
Let emotions pass even my ego
I know it’s hard but I got to let go
Of what’s holding back my stars vivid glow
Traveling place to place is my free flow
Just getting comfortable outside my comfort zone
Got my self Talk never feel alone
Laser focus just getting in my zone

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