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I’m just staying focused
I think they notice
Asking questions
Don’t think they know this
Just staying focused
That Is what I’ve chosen
Learned to breathe
Clear head I’ve chose zen
Just keeping me focused
hope that you know this
I’m just staying focused
What is going on here please answer me
Why is this kept .a secret like a mystery
I’m just see patterns all day making history
In third person this be his story
Can’t stay quiet got to help promote it
Weather in a song or if I wrote it
Please put me down for that end quote it
Give out what I can so I can stay floating
Going through the rapids like I’m out here boating
So much trys to grab me change where I’m flowing
But I’m ready fo war locked and loaded
Right here right now what are we going to do
Please calm down I can see the view
I have to think for a second might need a few
maybe have to collab with my G.V.O. crew
Upper Escalon with the forward thinking
Living everyday like I’m living the weekend
sit there and settle down let it sink in
eyes on growing never to be sinking
In the end got to  be the best I can
surrounded by people who know who I am
spreading good vibes increasing the span
coming from one thought then into a plan

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