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I beG.V.O
If you ain’t with it then you know you got to go
I be so G.V.O
Making my ways to the topnever look down below
I can see my surroundings, I know what’s around me
Got to stay my grounding, boxing out rebounding
I’m just picking my influence though go to do it wisely
I just need to feel good and feel real livly
Just patiently waiting staying true to my vision
I can have it all just working on precision
I only associate with positive
Like I’m looking through filters
Keeping it real
throwing up the peace sign with the fingers
Got to keep going and keep on moving
I’m a free thinker
G.V.Ocathem with a hook line and sinker
Verse 2
Can you please tell me you’re getting the vibe
whatever it doesn’t matter I don’t need to bribe
I know what I got and when I should try
Self talk being effective never waste my time
That means I keep my attention close
Is what I care about the most
Attention my guest and I’m the host
staying focused no information overdose
But what I let in is going to make me win
That means deep within going places that I’ve never gone and I’ve never been

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