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Brand new day
Get out the way
sunshine yeah all day
Can’t stop my own pace
Get out the way
I lead the my way
I love my way
get out the way
The tide is moving quick getting stronger
Increased stamina I’m holding on longer
Never loosing sight never wonder
In another place I might ponder
But I’m getting what I want though
No if ands or buts gonna conquer
To reboot I need to recoupe
Being alone getting in my zone
So I can think of better plans on my own
Better me I better see
Which brings everyone up
that’s a better we
to the next height
to a new degree
put that on myself
that’s a guarantee
Verse 2
snowball got the momentum
open up  new spectrum
just want the best on my agenda
to a new place I will send ya
staying hungry messing with my appetite
Stoicism make me feel alright
Nothing to fear cause it’s out of sight
Nothing loose always tight
Imagination makes Things huge
Know I can have a better view
change up reality
I’m just with my g.v.o crew

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