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Thinking of all the time back and forward
Is this world moving away or getting reordered
What was it like before our universe
Too many questions to ask to be affirmed
As time moves on I will learn
But will all the answers be confirmed
Are we living in a computer simulation
Thinking how far how far can I take it
Too much thinking need a break
So as of right now I’m just living
Give it all away
Fully given
Making us better kept driven
I came in with nothing
but a gift to listen
I’m so grateful
Yeah I’m so grateful
another day I’m so thankful
Yeah I’m so grateful
another day I’m so thankful

Because I’m so grateful

Verse 2
Just sitting back thinking having a reflect
What can I do to have an effect
Question myself got to be direct
Where am I going what will be next
In myself I got to invest
Through the music I got to express
What I see and how to progress
This is my new thing to obsess
I’m up right now just listen
open your mind it will only take minute
I’m just adding like a positive addition
Have my sites set on a mission
Trying to communicate my vision
with precision, get our your prision
Looking for all the right nutrition
leaving you in a better condition
I leave you in a better condition

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