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I just create my own luck
Won’t sell out for no buck
That’s just what I do
I just stay too true
I just create my own luck
won’t sell out for no buck
That’s just what I do
I just stay too true
I’m going after what I envision
Putting in smart work and dedication
Keeping routine making hard decisions
Making my life my own vacation
Circle is tight, rest is out of sight
seeing the end game, living life no shame
Knowing I’m going to get what I want
Just keep climbing to the top won’t stop
I stay hungry and that is something to flaunt
Traveling to new place I island hop
Staying living in flip flops
Hit you with the criss cross
No germs gotta floss
On the beach catching waves randy moss
Verse 2
Just staying true to myself and staying genuine
Take a break from technology, hard to find
Taking control of my life just get behind
Study crazy just for a peace of mind
Let’s go I’m showing a different way
Try to keep up with me yeah on delay
given back is the key to happiness
find out the real and forget the rest
got to use the brain thinking like chess
keeping myself excited is who I got to impress
Staying strong with the upperhand
Planted feet deep yeah in the sand
living large staying sharp with a sleight of hand
being grateful with everything is my right hand man


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