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We be taking over
wondering like a rover
this be game over
pure exposure
Now I can’t stop
I won’t stop
same message
no flip flop
I got me
and my fresh mind mob
and we on top
perseverance gone push through
we just see the other view
we keep it too true
we are the G.V.O crew
(G.V.O. baby what you gunna do)
We be always at it
pushing through we can have it
Share the love
is us attacking
no back cracking
count it up keep stacking
soo much love
just like we are macking
or should I say shagging
should we shag now or shag later
Wait Hold on do you hear that?
what is that sound?
cut the music
Verse 2
I don’t know what was that
but you know we make it back
love over everything
and that’s a fact
let’s go make an impact
hope your bags are packed
open up your mind
settle down and relax

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