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Here we go I landed
I am going to find my way out yea I’m never stranded
I can do this in my sleep if I’m commanded
But I’m out here just living life
Taking it to a new height
Eyes set on new sights
Peace, love, with no fights
When I feel right
Change can happen tonight
Share the love gets me excite
It will be alright
It’s dark and I’m the light
follow me this be an invite
we just need to ignite
Bring the gas I got the light
Let’s go make it bright
I know we got it right
I’m back again
this be time less
time this it be happening
Don’t need a watch
cause it don’t matter
check out the views
All the way zoomed out like I’m saturn
Find it all working on patterns
serve it all up put it on a platter
shoot it out there
information just got scattered
How’s it feel just keep listening
give you something that your missing
Improve your mind I can
change the way you glistening
look back at it and have you reminiscing
This be my love to you
tongue out and I’m kissing

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