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Pull up
Pull Up
I be looking from above
Pull up
Pull up
Views from a half-full cup
Everything opinion it is what it is
Who you gone believe what it is
Opinions come cheap cause everyone got one
I’m searching for that quality top shelf a -one
That is only whos believable
Got me feeling agreeable
The truth don’t lie…..
it’s unbeatable
That’s how I view it
viewing everything see through
I see through it
I can’t deny though
I can feel the vide ooooo
I feel alive oooo
can’t hide ooooo
Just look me in the eye
you see the window to my soul
if you didn’t know wooooo
know you know
verse 2
flip it upside down imma see it
truth don’t lie you gone believe it
I gunna break it down down
you gone receive it
applying information to me
I will achieve it
It all goes back to just how I view it
Keep pushing forward
Imma push through it
learning everyday
increasing how I knew it
careful what I say aye
cause it gone be a new day
change is the only thing here to stay

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