Into The Wild | Cj Lewis | Vulnerable | Eye Gazing | Share The Love | I Love You!!!


I say into the wild here we go
Going back to nature that’s how we grow
We be sharing the love is all we show
Back into the wild here we go
There is too much going on and I need a break
Knowing where I came from no mistake
Look up at the stars make me higher and I elevate
This be so beautiful I appreciate
I just keep learning and applying as I go
Only information I’m adding is relevant
If I can’t apply it please save it I don’t want to really wanna know
Shout out to Tim, that makes me better that is  how I grow
I be doing my thing, easy with the flow
This be so simple, I just have to show
Biggest question is where you wanna go
Or should I say really how you wanna glow
You already know?
Well You can’t learn if you already know
How you gunna grow
Verse 2
I be Standing here out into the open wooo
Leaving this world with what I came in
Going back all the way where I begin
This be all point of view
don’t need no tiny violin
I be out here smiling
Laughing while I’m freestyling
Good Vibes keep piling
I’m just knowing that I’m dying
If you think different I know you lying
Staying elevated I’m just out flying
This life is just about opinion
Take it back all the way to the beginning
Then you will be winning
Or should I say that’s where you be living.
We can escape our past
So you might as well get with it

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