Put It On Me | Cj Lewis | Vulnerable | Eye Gazing | Share The Love | I Love You!!!


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Just put it on meayye
I need my rest I need my sleep ayye
Put it on meayyyee
Keep it balanced like my feet
Just put it on me
Just put it on me
Just put it on me
Put it on meayye
I’m going after that smart work
I’m talking that pure
I’m talking straight from the heart work
If you don’t know check out my rare artwork
I be right here and you can see through me
If it brings value bring it to me
Clone myself that’s two me
Reach in my pocket you know I got the key
Just live life and being free
Get out in nature and Imma go hug a tree
If it is here let it stay
if not let it be
I just feel the best when I’m out cruzing in the sea
looking at water as far as the eye can see
Baby I got it
it be just you and me
   Time to sit back and relax
I got it covered you can take a nap
I just bring my vibes I know what they attract
I’m gone Put them out there
and they gone bring back
Super concentrated call itextract
I can Feel it already,
got a good romance
Pure love watch out for the attack
It will get you and put you in a trace
I just do energy well gone do my dance
This is the best time to live in
We just go to stay driven
With no more animals after us
new living
I’m talking with a purpose
Find your roots
and it will give you a surplus
and bring it to the surface
of how to live the good life
with quality
time to share more that with just you and me

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