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  I just want to see you smile baby
Yea Yea
Ooooo you look so good turnaround 180
Your face is special and it drives me crazy
I just want to see you smile baby
Where you from you look so damn good
You be speaking my lingo, so I understood
I ain’t talking about talking (music stops)
That bullshit stays walking (music stops, feet walk)
I’m talking about energy (ray gun)
Between you and me (connection)
It’s that something that you can’t see
It’s that something you feel free
Maybe more, I just got to let it be
Feel the vibes let it sink in
Tell me what your thinking
Just trying to feel in sync n
Before we gone in a blink in
Another song but may be extinct
Let me know what you think
Question your life
I’ll have you rethinking
But right now
Verse 2
That smile got me feeling so damn good
It Hit me in the feels like you know it should
Your vibes be talking to me
Up high to a new degree
That’s between you an me
We just trying to feel free
We just keep going after that feeling
Like a rod it keeps reeeling
Breaking through all the ceilings
Other half be revealing
Going after the real thing
Going with a purpose
Making it all worth it
We made it here
So we earned it
Life is just so crazy
Feel like I’m in a day dream
I just see the same theme
What does this all mean?
What does this fucking all mean?

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