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Looking up at themstars
They looking back
They don’t seem so far
Just looking up at the stars
That’s where I came from
Never feel a part
All the stars, they be up in me
Take it to a new height to a new degree
I feel so close. you that know I agree
Everything is crazy. where is the check please (pause)
On a side note Imma take it all from here
Take you to a new place Imma go steer
Hold on (pause)
Is death the only thing that we really fear
Whatever I gotta switch it up
Go to go switching up them gears
gotta move past all my fears
Just rise up above it
I always got a smile
you can call me mclovin
Bringing out the cake
like I put it in the oven
this be that real real
bring it by the dozen
give you my whole heart
this that pure loving
your cheeks glowing
you know that you blushing
I ain’t in no hurry
Oh shit no I ain’t rushing
I’m just jot here try to make you smiLe
I gotta make sure youre blushing
Verse 2
Alright (pause)
Where should I take it from here (unpause)
We just going to space
That’s that new frontier
Moving past death
That be our only fear
Hope that you listening open up your ear
Everything that we need is all right here
We got
Good relations, good food, good sex
What more do you need if you want live the best
only myself is who got to try an impress
living right now like i’m bout to go to rest
still out here playing calculations all like chess
Life is a game though
I don’t know what’s next

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