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Mask offff
I be up out here
challenge myself
Take on my fear
OOOO I be so vulnerable
outside of where it’s comfortable
I be like damn I’m vulnerable
getting comfortable being uncomfortable
I’m out here living like I’m naked
Bald head, no tats, but feeling awaken
my soul is strong and steady an it’s feeling unshaken
I’m Following the course that I’m creating and making
I just got to do what I’m suppose to do….
Put it all together inside a clear view
Hope you can see the patterns laying out the clues
Put my own twist on it and make it feel brand new /
I’m just chasing after that feeling
after everythings revealing
That’s what I’m feeling
I just want the real thing
But who knows what’s real
Or which way the ceiling
Go off on a tangent know we are soaring through space
Some random people named directions and called it our place
How does that feel knowing everything is perception
Might be scary but that is something to face
Just know we vortexing through that space
Verse 2
I’m out here living still naked
Timeless haircut and never mistaken
Choose your direction
Which way you taken?
Whatever you decide you will be right so amazing
this is where it comes down to you
you you you you be making your view
Just know I’ll be here for a few
I be kick back relaxing with my G.V.O crew
I’m creating something to be so timeless
In the future looking back at it to remind us
Of what it is like to be one of the same
Going after nature that be the only thang
I’ll preach this till they fucking hear it
Maybe I gotta grab the wheel and steer it
In the end we just got to be fearless
So we can express our weirdness

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