Window To My Soul | Cj Lewis | Vulnerable | Eye Gazing | Share The Love | I Love You!!!


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Look into my eyes
They be the window to my soul
This be the tell-tale heart
Like Edgar Allen Poe
  Come here look (pause)
I be soooo vulnerable
eyes wide open
ooo I’m So comfortable
Now what do you see when you see through
I’m talking what do you see when you look inside my view
Do you see what I see cause you looking at the truth
I’m just a baby feeling real youth
I’m Just feeling real young again
This be that childlike mindset
I’m just being free
and I’ll never forget
Of what it is like
when you let your imagination do the rest
Every move calculated I’m out here playing chess
High intensity I need my rest
I just got to do it all
Imma bring my best
I said just got to get back to where I came from
That be the end goal but I got to enjoy the ride
and see what I become
I just came here to inspire
I’ll never retire
Lifestyle burning man
Set the roof on fire
Connecting on a deep level
I just want to hit you in the feels
making you feel real special
Dedicate my whole life
staying in motion
I just got to go mix it up
Bringing out the love potion
Feel me like  like you feel the ocean
Making waves feel my motion
Apply me like you putting on lotion
Going deep I hit you with emotion

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